Sabayon Linux Is one of the best and versatile blends of Linux , Made with Gentoo Linux , And Polished Like a shinny 120 Carrot Diamond , leading and bleeding edge

What could be better you ask , not having to juggle Distro’s Like a mad Hatter.

There are Linux Security Distro’s of Late out the Wazoo

My Linux Distro Collection is starting to become a Museum , That Can’t be good…..

So I figured Why not Take what I love about Sabayon/Gentoo , Pentoo (a Gentoo variant) and Sabayon is so EZ to Install , Backtack

(the Ubuntu  Fecal Brown & Orange scheme  is nauseating to the eyes after awhile )  Katana Linux.


My aim is more a blend of two prepackaged  special    Blends of Sabayon to help others With IT Security by taking and making a few ISO’s Blended from Sabayon Linux,

With more Added Packages. I Love Wolfden’s Sabayon Forensic’s however I figgured on the live DVD thier could be just a touch more….

In time I may add a Few Custom Menus to the X-Windows UI and set them as a Virtual Package making all the tools is to find , similar in the way Pentoo has the Pentoo Menu.

Why not have a Stating Linux Disk that Can Recover Windows / Linux as a system Rescue — While they make those Linux rescue Distro’s … Again trying to stop Juggling ISO’s

I figured an ALL-IN-ONE  , I can Install SABAYON LINUX  /WITH FORENSIC tools /WITH IT Security TOOLS , RESCUE and Back up a system both regularly  and Forensicly

would be far more useful and usable for most than having 5 or 6 or 8 Linux Disto’s in a bag, and in one shot , one could have a decent Security testing Disto in a DVD or ready to go after installing it.

Sabayon Linux Excells at having up to date Packages , and as well Has Gentoo portage under the hood , so thus a WIN-WIN   So thus as a Security Admin that is one aspect that puts my mind at ease, as well If I need to re-make packages I sure can.  So If I have to do penetration testing , I have tools that are in the here and now , and not so 3 years ago like some disto’s… Being rather dated.