Templar Server Discussion

So If you were making A custom Sabayon Linux Security Server , What packages would you want to have.


Goals , Simple IDS , and a few honeypot programs , IE SSHD type , etc., and other programs showing where hackers are trying to break into your network.

And other hardening tools ? As well as tools to aid during a network Attack Crisis IE Incident response.

Zoro project is for doing Pentesting and security audits , but as well  a Linux build to help Admins keep out threats . IE “Templar”   (A Network “Meatsheild”) Tux-Knight  At the End of the day small Biz owners like me have to juggle allot of hats Security Admin Network Admin , Owner , Graduate IT Enterprise Security Student.

Whether it is an Enterprise , or a small business owner Managing IT Network Security can be a large scale challenge , however it is necessary, however with larger firms IDS products out of reach for most home users or even small startup IT firms , a Secure server that aids in the management of security , and helps detect gaps in the firewall, and other issues , and are Sabayon Linux based , which is a Gentoo Linux Varrent ,  thus Portage is included also helps.

As the packages are Fresh and new rather soon before they get too dated to be useful.

Having most of the tools or all the tools as a direct Install or an LXC Server Container-let of Sabayon Templar Server to run a top of a Linux Appliance server should be rather possible, as well , it can run and keep watch for unusual activities or act as being easily configured as an Internal or External and IDS Appliance , and a firewall for isolating Internal Users from DB servers or sensitive Data. ,


In Time a Firewall APP , may be spun from Redwall/Sabayon , or ETC.